I Got a Very Interesting Offer

Mr.. White sent for me and of course you hardly ever want to stand him up when he calls, even if he is pretty much completely retired now. I realized eventually that he had completely abandoned any sort of business that did not afford him the opportunity to meet beautiful woman and do as much more as he could. There were three beautiful blondes with him when I sat down to eat in his dining room. One of them cooked us a terrific steak dinner on the grill. He asked me if I knew any Las Vegas blonde escorts. This is his new business, although when he explained it to me the goal is to break even where money is concerned. He told me that when he decided to retire he began to realize that retirement could be rather expensive if you wanted to enjoy it as much as he did. He had bought an enormous strip club.

The girls seemed to genuinely adore him, even while he was pursuing all of them. In fact it really seemed like it was the other way around. He kept hinting that he might marry one of them and that he had a bad heart. They knew it was a joke, but they always giggled at him. I soon realized that these were probably the only strippers in Las Vegas that had a profit sharing plan and pensions. He had won their hearts the old fashioned way, by putting money in their designer handbags. As the meeting got going I realized the nine women represented about a hundred and sixty more, that between all of them and the other employees they had around 27 million dollars in investment assets. Watching over it was more of a job than a retired old scoundrel needed.

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