Sleep Like a Young Man

My grandfather used to walk around with a cane because he had trouble with his hip. I knew him when he was slightly younger, and he was spry and had a lot of spring in his step. Then as time passed, he started walking slower, he was less active, and started bringing the cane with him everywhere. Things changed after we found a new side sleeper bed for him on Sleep Matters. He went back to being the man who could go anywhere and do anything without the need for some kind of walking instrument to help him stand up.

The new bed was made to help those who have to deal with pain in their body. It uses a special memory foam that contours to the shape of the human body. It’s like if a person is making a mold of an object using clay. The bed takes that shape and remembers it, so every time that my grandfather gets into bed, he will be able to sleep comfortably because the bed will be able to support all of the parts of his body.

After seeing how well the bed was doing for my grandfather, I decided to get one for myself. I was starting to have some pain problems of my own, and wanted to get rid of them before I got like the way that my grandfather used to be when he was walking with the cane. My grandfather now just runs and jumps all of the time. It’s like he turned back the clock on his body many years and it’s great to see him like this. I think that if everyone can get one of these beds, they can feel like a young man too if they aren’t already. It’s the next best thing to looking younger.

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