I Am Working on a School Project

Of course they do not teach you a lot about computer science in high school, but I am really hoping to get a head start on school where they do. Right now my plan is to do a two year school, although I hope to do it a lot quicker than that. Obviously a lot of people go to college with a lot of college credit. I know a girl who was a year ahead, but she did nothing else and I am not that dedicated. At any right now I am playing around with snap hack, and trying to figure out how that works and if there is a class project in it. In fact I found out about because of this girl I have study hall with. She is extremely easy to look at and she has been interested in getting me to help her with her algebra. That was not a big chore for her.

At any rate she was telling me that her parents seemed to know stuff that they should not know and after some investigation I figured out that they were using her phone to spy upon her. It was pretty hard to figure out what was there, because they hid their tracks a bit and I did not know what I was looking for. The girl was pretty mad when I told her, but of course the phone belongs to her parents and they can do whatever they want to do with it. I did not think of that at first, but a little research shed some light on the topic. I did not really find any easy way for you to figure out if someone was using something like this on your phone. I figured that all sorts of people would like to know too.

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