We Found a Nice Place

It is not exactly in the best location, but the place is close enough to where we need for it to be and there is not all that much wrong with it other than you need to get a Queens tree removal service to come in and cut down a couple of sweet gum trees in the front yard and a couple more in the back yard. If you do not know why then you do not know why most people hate them. They have these awful things that people call gum balls and they produce millions of them which fall upon the ground. Each one of them must disperse about a hundred spores I guess, but the thing is that you do not want to spend all of your life cleaning up after this stupid tree. So I am going to have them knocked down. I think that once they are on the ground I can get rid of them without paying for it. I know this guy who always has a huge stack of firewood that he sells, although it is true that this is not the most valuable firewood in the world. Of course I just want it to get gone.

There are some things that need to be done, but first we have to work things out with the lady that owns the place. In truth I get the feeling that she is in a hurry to be done with this. She seems to have inherited the place from an uncle and she lives some place on the West Coast. So she wants to get what she can for the place and go back to where she lives and go on with her life. That is not going to be something that I am going to help with unless it helps me.

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