The Wonders of Being Grandparents


There are many milestones involved with birth. Your first child is a large milestone. While not as big a deal, your first grandchild is a wonderful milestone too. When you reach it, you’re a grandparent.

While this is an unfortunate sign of age, it’s the most welcome sign of aging. Grandparents and grandchildren are natural allies. They have the most important thing in common. Namely, the one in between, the baby’s parent and grandparent’s child. This person unites the two as their link and their common adversary. While this may seem unfortunate for the parent in the middle, it works pretty fairly in practice.

Grandparents should enjoy their grandkids. Not only are they the automatic ‘I told you so’ to their own kids, the two have a beneficial relationship. Grandchildren remind the grandparent of youth and the need to exercise. Grandparents guide the newborn grandchildren and share the wonders in the world.

In some cases, grandparents are better at guiding than parents. They have more experience with children. They have more time to pay attention to children because they are often retired, while the parents are busy at work. These two advantages make them natural advisers or mentors who will always be ready to listen.

It is incredible fun to make up tall tales to your grandchildren. They will believe it and they have not yet learned to scoff. However while it is fun, being a mentor to your grandchild carries responsibility along with it. Don’t let your kids (the baby’s parents) carry the weight alone. Lord only knows what irresponsible things that they may teach your grandchildren.

Mold the children’s minds. Teach them about the wonders and dangers of the world. Take them to a park and play around. Name the insects flying through the air and teach the kids how to catch them. Help them identify trouble like wasps and boys. Play simple games and teach the children sportsmanship and other values.

Experience is the grandparent’s trump card. You will know more about the world than anybody else. Teach them about the history that you have lived through. Show them the pitfalls that you have encountered and most of all the lessons that you have learned.

Teach your grandchildren about your hobbies. If you don’t have one, try taking one up. This will give you one more thing to share with the kid. If you’re into quilting, they make wonderful gifts for your grandkids, as well as something to demonstrate creativity. Gardening, cooking, collecting, etc. are all interesting hobbies for you and your grandkid.

Grandparents are a font of wisdom and fun. Be that way to your grandkid.


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