I Went Back to New Jersey

I had a rather unusual visit to see my grandmother, who lives in Clifton NJ. She got me to drive her to this place and I thought that she wanted to be taken to the Costco there in Clifton. Instead she went to shop at this place that sells Jewish memorials in NJ. I thought that was rather odd obviously, but she wanted to get a bigger stone that would replace the one my Uncle Sol has, obviously one which was big enough to have both of their names on it. She had a lot of trouble figuring out what she wanted and of course I did not think that she could afford such a thing. It is a piece of stone, but they act as though it is a precious treasure when you want to pay for it. We were there for about forty minutes before she picked out the one that she wanted and got them to put Uncle Sol’s name on it, but leaving plenty of room to add her,

That was not very pleasant obviously, because you certainly are not eager to think about this sort of thing unless it is forced upon you. Of course she was eager to make sure that I had a great time and we went to this terrific deli right after that. It was the real thing, the sort of place you just can not find around the state of West Virginia where I have been living for the past couple of years. At any rate then she went to show me off to her friends and somehow she managed to try to set me up with this girl. I really did not complain, even though I was embarrassed and so was this poor girl. She had no clue what her grandmother had been up to.

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