The Fact is That Everyone is in Sales Whether They Realize It or Not

The big secret is that everyone is a sales person. You just need to bring it out in them. Everyone is passionate about something, and for every human passion there is a market for it. If you really like cars, people buy cars. If you like the latest phones and gadgets, people buy tons of the stuff every year. Think of a product or service you know a lot about and feel great about. That is all it takes to be in sales whether it be as a sales person, consultative selling professional or any other type of sales. Every day we are selling something whether we are aware of it or not.

You are selling yourself as a certain type of person when you go out in public. Do you dress classy, tough, new age, modest, flamboyant or in another manner? You are selling a perception of yourself to the public with how you look when you go out in public. It must be something you believe in, otherwise you would not do it. We sell products all the time for companies now too. However, the problem is that we are doing it for free. Every time you post about a product you like on social media you are indirectly acting as a sales person for the maker or provider of what it is you are posting about. This goes for everything from your dining out pictures to selfies with your new car or fishing pole.

Understanding this, you should now realize that anyone can therefore be groomed into a professional sales person. All it takes is to give them something to sell that they already believe in and support. Pretty much all of us on social media are selling stuff for free, so consider what you could do if you actually sought a sales position with the companies you like to sell the products or services you believe in.

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