7 Reasons to Be Proud to Be Irish


a times with all the financial scandals that we now hear about losing sight of our true spirit. If this is Irish, American, English, Scottish or whatever, it is important to remember our true spirit that is much greater than any recession and much deeper than any financial storm surface. In fact perhaps this very financial storm is the catalyst to realign us with our true spirit and values. What might be some of these values? What do you think they are? Three values you would like that their nationality to have?

here is some important values that make me proud to be Irish:

1. Generosity of spirit -“when I’m hungry I got someone to feed” is what I believe that Mother Theresa said. Perhaps because of our history, particularly the 1847, when 1 million Irish died of starvation and 1 million had to emigrate (a quarter of the Irish population at the time) have been very generous in giving to the causes of the world and many Irish have dedicated all his life to help the less well off. It allows to show the world that our generosity far surpasses any ambition that has been highlighted in recent times.

2. friendship – “Cead Mile Failte” this assumption means 100,000 welcomes. The Irish have been known as a very friendly breed and it has in fact been an attraction for many tourists over the years. Let us open our hearts once more to welcome everyone in our island and Irish kindness true experience, fun and great value!

3. family values – “the strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the House” – Confucio. The future of the human race is in our children, not to our portfolio of property or participation. First of all, we must give our children our love and our time. To give them our time, a resource that none of us will never again showed on a deep level the important thing to us and how much we love them. Until very recent times, the Irish were known to be very relaxed and we had more time for our families and others. They allow us to give more time to our families and as a society allows this reward rather than reward to those who sell investments without scruples. We must learn to teach our children well because the future of humanity depends on it.

4. sporting values – the Irish play the sport around the world if his Gaelic football, soccer, rugby, boxing, athletics, cycling and so on. And there is a sure thing, we are known for having a lot of fun about it. We carry music and “fun” to everything if you win or lose. Lets keep this celebration!

5. a deep sense of history – there are literally millions of people around the world, particularly in the United States who claim Irish decent, now more than the Irish! Throughout the centuries the Irish influence has spread widely and there is a lot to be proud of. Once even called us the “island of Saints and scholars”. Allows you to remember the great town that once walked this land, our mothers and fathers, our writers and poets, our athletes, our true visionary, musicians, our economists and business people who built their careers with integrity and a sense of service, the current clergy that is intended to educate us in mind and spirit, our doctors, our teachers our political truth and the millions more that gave their lives in the greater service in Ireland and indeed all humanity. It is due to his sacrifice and vision that we enjoy all the blessings that we have today. It is the question we must now ask ourselves – what blessings will leave for our children?

6. A spiritual connection – “Be still and know”. The Irish have always had a tradition spiritual, in fact we’ve had a few and they have often fought over them! However no matter what religion or even no religion we have aligned with, the Irish always have felt a strong connection with the divine. There are countless historical sites around Ireland, echoing this spiritual wisdom of our ancestors. Let’s not get caught up in too much “doingness” of life that we have no time to enjoy the journey of “being” and the connection with this invisible divine presence that is always with us. In fact this presence constantly offers us guidance on the voyage of our life, we must take the time to listen.

7. Peace prevails in Ireland – approximately 800 years there have been problems in Ireland, mainly with our closest neighbours, the English. In 1998 signed a peace agreement and in this stage have even disarming the IRA. However, how much celebration is it did about peace? How much we hear about evolution positive since the peace agreement was signed? How much we got offer many other places of conflict around the world to help peace to take place there? Peace in the main carried out in Spain, lets at least put so much energy to spread this amazing news as we do to bombard the world with bad news!

these seven given values of one I am proud to say that I am Irish. Of course I’m sure there are many more reasons to be proud to be Irish and I invite you to share yours in the comments. Also I invite you if you’re from any other nationality to share reasons why you are proud of your nationality. As the Chinese say “it is better to light a candle that curse the darkness”

here is another verse of a song to finish this article.

when Irish hearts we are happy all the world seems bright and gay.
and when they are smiling Irish eyes,
insurance, steal your heart away.


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