Making the Transition from House to Apartment

My aunt had spent all of her married life living near Boston, MA in a huge house that many would call an estate. My uncle had been incredibly successful in real estate, but since his passing, my aunt was looking to downsize. The house was simply too much for her so we began looking for luxury apartments for rent in Revere MA which would keep her close to her friends and take the burden of home ownership and upkeep off her shoulders. My aunt, while always aware of how hard my uncle had worked in his life, had no idea just how much he was doing at home as well. Lawn mowing, general upkeep on the house and those small repairs my uncle had been dealing with over the years became too much for my aunt to handle along with cleaning and maintaining the interior of the house.

My aunt was never the pretentious type, but I knew any apartment for her would need to be upscale and offer her the amenities to make the transition from living in a big home to a more modestly sized apartment as seamless as possible. Certain items were absolute must-haves for my aunt such as a large kitchen with plenty of workspace, a spare bedroom that could be used for guest housing and her office, a garage and a place with some great views and greenery.

We spent many days touring various properties with my aunt being very drawn to apartments as close to the ocean as possible. She was already drawing up shopping lists of new furniture she would need and colors she would like to see for the various rooms in her new home. I think, while my aunt and uncle enjoyed a very long married life together, she would never move on unless she removed herself from the place that did nothing but remind her of his absence. She had all the memories of him she could ever want captured in photos and video and she would never forget him, of course, but it would be fun for her to make some new memories of her own.

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