I Am Honored to Help My Mom out in Her Beautiful State

My mom moved to Tennessee with her second husband about 10 years ago. I was a bit envious because it is so pretty there. I helped her look at apartments in Antioch when she first arrived. Her husband was busy overseas on a business trip, and she wanted the help of a second opinion. I had never seen so many lush trees in one area before! Living in the plains where things are so flat is very different. Things didn’t feel so inviting once I got back home after that trip. Things changed this year when my mother asked me if I could move there to live with her.

Mom’s husband passed away about 5 years after they married. I felt so bad for her because he was so good to her. Mom tried dating a little bit here and there, but she felt the quality of men she was meeting was very lacking. My dad was a good man and so was her second husband, but she was having no luck finding an honorable, third companion for life. She decided to live on her own, and she said that she was happy. But for the last two years, I’ve noticed she’s had trouble functioning on her own. She tried to hide it from me for a very long time.

This last Christmas, I went to visit mom and we had a lovely time together. I saw that she was declining more. She mentioned she was lonely. When she put the Christmas turkey in the garbage instead of the stove to cook it, she threw up her hands, laughed and said she wanted to know if I would like to come live with her because she could sure use my help. I immediately told her that I would love to. So, I’m now living in the apartment that I hoped her pick out in beautiful Tennessee.

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